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Established in Hong Kong in 2014, Eventus Study Tours Ltd. provides a variety of subject-based educational programmes to a range of destinations around the world. 


Our goal is to enhance a student's academic journey through carefully selected, experiential activities, chosen specifically to promote learning across a range of subject areas. Guided by professionals, our tours are designed to encourage curiosity and a love of learning, through activities that challenge, engage and inspire. 

Why choose Eventus 


All our tours are designed. organised and led by qualified and experienced native English speaking educators. 

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Established in Hong Kong, we provide in-depth cultural experiences through subject-based, academically focused itineraries. 

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Choose from one of our pre-designed tours or allow one of our tour consultants to create a custom made itinerary that specifically meets the learning objectives of your school. 


Our tour consultants organise every aspect of the tour from inception to completion with continuous guidance and support throughout. 

"No words can express how grateful I am to the two of you. It's a blessing to see tour guides who genuinely care about the students' learning and well-being, I guess that's probably because you're teachers at heart too. Your personal touch has made this tour a huge success and the best tour I've ever escorted."​​​​


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ms. Kadence Leung, Good Hope School, Hong Kong 

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to see what we do.  

Begin your journey today 

Do you have a specific request?

Our dedicated tour consultants will help to modify activities on any current itinerary or create one of your own, personalised to your curriculum requirements.

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