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About Us 

who we are 

We are Eventus Study Tours; a Hong Kong-based overseas educational tour provider that works directly with schools in Asia. Established by educators, we design, organise and lead tours to a variety of countries across a range of subjects. Choose from one of our pre-designed programmes or liaise with a tour consultant to customize a tour that meets your school's specific requirements. We aim to provide the school and the parents with confidence and reassurance that a team of experienced and qualified educators will design an itinerary that meets your learning objectives. We organise the entire process from inception to completion and provides professionals to lead the overseas tour.

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Thinking like teachers

Our tailor-made tours are designed to support the curriculum, understand the students' ability, and prior knowledge, and identify key learning objectives. We place importance on documenting learning outcomes by providing materials that enable students to record and give evidence that learning has taken place. We believe that learning beyond the classroom is a valuable opportunity to engage in kinesthetic and experiential learning activities. We encourage curiosity and build their personal development whilst accessing higher-order and critical thinking skills. We believe as professionals, our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm are vital in providing academically driven, student-focused tours. 

"Absolutely professional and seamlessly done, with no hiccups whatsoever. The tour leaders were dedicated, detail minded and totally understood the schools culture. Overall, it exceeded all my expectations." 

                                                                                                  Mr. Karson Wong, Diocesan Boys School. Hong Kong

Accommodating Your Needs 

We give you the option to liaise with a personal tour consultant and customize an itinerary that complements your curriculum or choose a pre-designed, ready-to-go programme. It may be a simple adjustment to accommodate the age group, ability or budget or it could be a top-down bespoke design created specifically to meet your learning outcomes. 

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Tours Made Easy 

To make the process as simple and easy as possible, you will be assigned a personal tour consultant who will advise and guide you through the whole process. Furthermore, the professionalism of our tour leaders enables the teacher to focus their attention on enjoying the tour with the students and facilitate their overall well being. 


Begin your journey today 

Do you have a specific request?

Our dedicated tour consultants will help to modify activities on any current itinerary or create one of your own, personalised to your curriculum requirements.

At Eventus, we invest in professional native English educators to lead our tours. All our tour leaders hold, at minimum, a university degree, a PGCE teaching qualification and no less than 8 years of teaching experience with 6 years experience leading overseas educational tours. In addition, our leaders hold a TIC Tour Leader Pass, are first aid trained, CRB background checked and selected for their leadership skills, subject specialist experience and professionalism. Ensuring an educationally centred, safe and well-organised tour. 

We Invest in Teachers 

Our objective is not to work with as many schools as possible, but rather to focus on building relationships with a schools’ community of teachers and parents. By understanding a schools' ethos we can create educational tours that complement the schools' spirit and add value to the students overall learning experience 

Building Relationships

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